Proper At-Home Care After Tooth Extractions

When you have tooth extractions in Westminster, CO, Sedona Dental can provide the information you need to have proper at-home care after the procedure. You may have some concerns when you are having a tooth extracted about what is involved when you get home.

Postoperative bleeding

It is common for there to be post-operative bleeding for between 4-6 hours. To control the bleeding, a gauze pad should be placed over the site where the tooth was extracted and you should apply pressure. This is done by biting down for 20 minutes. Remove the gauze and assess the amount of blood. If necessary, repeat. If you are taking blood-thinning medication, this may cause bleeding and you need to monitor it closely.


Some discomfort may occur. Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen and Tylenol can be used as needed. Your dentist may decide to give you prescription pain medication to make sure you are comfortable. If you feel the discomfort is not under control, call your dental office immediately. After extractions in Westminster, CO, Sedona Dental will be there for you every step of the way.

Eating and Drinking

For a few hours after your extraction, your mouth may be numb. Be very cautious if you eat during this time. You don't want to end up biting your cheek or tongue. If you must eat, be sure it is soft food and drink plenty of fluids. It is important for the healing process that you stay well hydrated. Avoid using a straw.

Avoid crusty food, acid, and spicy food, carbonated drinks, and crunchy food and snacks. These foods can get into the area where the tooth was removed and irritate or cause an infection.


Don't use a toothbrush until the day after your extraction. Avoid vigorous spitting and swishing.


Start using an ice pack the day of the extraction. Place ice for 20 minutes. Use for 48 hours as needed to minimize swelling.

If you are considering extractions in Westminster, CO, Sedona Dental has the doctors to provide the services that you need. Call (303) 452-3982 to set up an appointment.

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