Catch Problems Early at Regular Examinations

We all know that "Prevention is better than cure." It applies to dental care also. But what if you failed at preventing problems and they occurred? It is best to catch them at the earliest and get the required treatment rather than treating when it gets worse. Regular checkups at the dental office help to evaluate your oral health status. It allows treating or preventing oral diseases. Your Westminster dentists at Sedona Dental suggest all patients visit them at least once in 6 months.

Regular checkups by your Westminster dentist

During a regular examination your Westminster, CO, dentist records the medical history of the patient and assesses the teeth and oral tissues. Sometimes the assessment requires X-rays and other diagnostic tools. Screening for oral cancer is also a vital part of routine dental checkups. Apart from examination, the dentist detects any tooth decay or changes in the mouth tissues. After examination, the dentist suggests the treatment required and also the preventive care the patient has to follow. A teeth cleaning is done to remove the calculus which are the hard deposits on the teeth.

If tooth decay is detected early, you can get a simple filling done. In later stages, you may need a root canal treatment or even removal of the tooth to reduce the infection it can cause. Similarly, removing calculus is necessary to keep your mouth clean. If you don't remove plaque from the teeth it can lead to gum diseases, bad breath, and loose teeth. You may now have understood why regular checkups are important for optimal dental care.

Don't let your busy schedule come in the way of visiting your dentist for regular checkups. Book an appointment with Sedona Dental, your Westminster dentists in Westminster CO, by calling (303) 452-3982 today. They can help keep your smile healthy and happy!

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