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When an Extraction Is Necessary?

Your Westminster, CO, dentists, Drs. Alex Acevedo, Jack Choi and Alexander Park of Sedona Dental offer extractions and other services you need for a healthy smile. Although dental treatments can often save a problem tooth, extraction may be needed in these cases.

Your tooth is decayed

Tooth decay can often be treated by removing the decay and replacing it with a filling material. Unfortunately, severe decay can cause extensive decay and damage to the tooth. Extracting (pulling) the tooth and replacing it with a bridge or dental implant is the best option if your tooth is severely decayed. The extraction will also prevent the decay from spreading to nearby teeth.

You have wisdom teeth issues

Early man used wisdom teeth, the third set of molars, to chew and grind tree bark, roots and other tough foods. As humans found new food sources, wisdom teeth were no longer quite as crucial. As a result, the jaw gradually became smaller over time.

Today, many people no longer have enough room in their jaws for their wisdom teeth. When the teeth try to erupt, they may be fully impacted (blocked by bone and tissue) or partially impacted. These teeth will never erupt normally and can cause pain, infections or nerve damage if they're not pulled. Wisdom tooth extraction may also be needed if the teeth have erupted normally but are decayed.

Your tooth is abscessed

An abscess occurs when a bacterial infection invades the soft pulp in the center of your tooth. The infection is more likely to occur if you've had multiple dental procedures performed on a tooth, you experienced an injury, or your tooth is severely decayed.

Abscesses are dental emergencies that require prompt treatment to prevent the infection from spreading. Severe pain, fever, swollen lymph glands, swollen gums, pus or a bump on the gums, or facial swelling can be signs of an abscess. Call the Westminster dental office immediately if you experience any of these signs or symptoms.

You're starting orthodontic treatment soon

Tooth extraction may also be needed before your orthodontic treatment starts. Extraction might be recommended to alleviate crowding and allow for proper alignment of your teeth.

Could dental extractions improve your oral health? Call your dentists in Westminster, CO, Drs. Alex Acevedo, Jack Choi and Alexander Park of Sedona Dental, at (303) 452-3982 to schedule your appointment.

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