At-Home Tips for a Whiter Smile

A healthy, white smile looks good on everyone, boosting your confidence, and brightening your grin. However, maintaining the natural whiteness of your teeth can become more difficult as you age, especially if you enjoy a big cup of coffee every morning or a glass of red wine at night.

If lifestyle habits or aging have dulled or yellowed your teeth, the dentists at Sedona Dental in Westminster have at-home tips for restoring the whiteness of your teeth and keeping them bright for years to come.


The number one way to keep your smile white is frequent, thorough brushing. Decay, plaque, and food and beverage residue can cause yellowing or graying of the teeth, and brushing helps prevent the build-up of tartar and buff away lingering food and drink particles.

For a whitening boost, ask your dentist at our Westminster office about a toothpaste formula with whitening effects. A higher level of hydrogen peroxide provides greater results, but those with sensitive teeth may prefer a lower percentage in their toothpaste.


Just like toothpaste, mouthwashes come in whitening versions. Using a whitening rinse after eating and drinking can help wash away staining substances and gradually brighten your teeth.

Whitening kits

At-home whitening kits come in many forms, from strips worn for between 30 to 60 minutes to brush on gels to trays and blue lights. These products have more hydrogen peroxide than toothpaste and rinses and offer faster and more pronounced whitening results. Your dentist can help you decide which product and method will work best depending on the severity of your teeth staining.

Lifestyle habits

If you are a smoker, one of the many benefits of quitting is whiter teeth. Smoking causes graying or yellowing of the teeth that can be resistant to treatment. Wine and coffee drinkers should make sure to rinse their mouths with water after consumption. Of course, proper oral hygiene is crucial for white and healthy teeth. Make sure to schedule regular professional cleanings and exams with your dentist at our Westminster office.

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