Missing Teeth Affect Your Whole Smile

Are you struggling with tooth loss? On top of marring your appearance, missing teeth can cause a myriad of health issues, including jawbone loss, reduced chewing ability, and prevasive tooth decay. Fortunately, here at Sedona Dental in Westminster, CO, your dentists, Alex Acevedo, Jack Choi, and Alexander Park, offer dental implants to restore patients' dental health and prevent future issues from developing. Read on to learn more. 

What Happens When You're Missing Teeth?

Missing permanent teeth doesn't just affect the way you look when you smile. They also have an impact on your remaining teeth. Each tooth provides stability for the ones on either side of it, so missing even one permanent tooth means that the adjacent teeth don't have the support they need to stay in place. Over time, they will begin to shift, affecting both their alignment as well as the integrity of the jawbone in which they reside. In short, tooth loss leads to more tooth loss, which is why it's imperative that you consult with your Westminster dentist about replacing them with dental implants as soon as possible. 

How Do Dental Implants Help?

Dental implants not only fill in your smile with perfectly-crafted, realistic porcelain restorations; they also maintain your health underneath the tooth surface. With an implant's post in place, your jawbone has the anchor it needs to keep from deteriorating. The crown on top, which is attached to the post with a tiny metal abutment, further stabilizes the teeth and keeps them firmly in their proper places. Furthermore, with proper care and regular checkups at Sedona Dental, you can expect your dental implants to last for decades, and in some circumstances, even a lifetime. 

Concerned? Give Us a Call

Don't wait any longer to replace your missing teeth. Contact Sedona Dental in Westminster to make an appointment with one of our dental professionals - Dr. Jack Choi, Dr. Alex Acevedo, or Dr. Alexander Park - and discover how dental implants can change your life. We can be reached at (610) 373-4154.

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